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'This piece was awesome,dynamic, industrial, technical, and had a very digital feeling to it. 

The work done by the dancers on this piece really did knock my socks off.' - 


Trace in Loss, NorthWest Dance Project - Sabrina Miller, Portland Stange Reviews

“With an interesting concept and content comes Abrupto from Alex Soares, who had his debut this year in São Paulo. Individualizing people in a group and finding relationships and partnerships between solidification and explosion of movements made this piece an impressive dance. ”


Abrupto., São Paulo City Ballet - Dietholf Zerweck, Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung

"A happy moment: the best piece of the evening is a work by Brazilian Choreographer, Alex Soares. Everything in WiiPrevisto, is the result o detailed research. Firstly, the lighting which penetrates space: a source of light in the backdrop illuminates the stage in a diagonal beam. Other beams of diagonal light crisscross the stage. The dancers are struck by this lighting arrangement. The sound track also opens a new world with dissonant sounds and the noise of panes of glass shattering into a thousand pieces. But above all it is the choreography, a mixture of force and fragility, that pleases. As an example a boy grabs a girl to lift her, but her port de bras has all the fragility of a 19th century sylph. The piece is a good sign of the healthiness of dance in Brazil."



WiiPrevisto, São Paulo City Ballet - Emmanuele Rugger, Ballet2000 Review


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próximas criações  

july 2024 -  Jundiaí Youth Dance Company - (BRA)
oct 2024 -  São Paulo Dance Company - (BRA)
nov 2024 - Ballet Contemporaneo San Martin - Buenos Aires(ARG) 

2023​ _____________________


Nutcracker, the nuts talent show

KOMA Ballet - Denmark



Mov_oLA Project



2022 ___________________________


Guaíra Ballet Theater



2021 ___________________________


Jundiaí Youth Dance Company    



Jundiaí Youth Dance Company    



2019 __________________________

10 years in 8 e mezzo

Mov_oLA Project


National Ballet of Chile

InstaGrimm - Grimm's Fairy tales in Stories

Jundiaí Youth Dance Company       

2018 __________________________

Sleep Mode

Niterói City Ballet - Rio de Janeiro


The Nuts Talent Show

São Paulo City Ballet

Give me back 2 hours

Mov_oLA Project 

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Niterói City Ballet - Rio de Janeiro  

Casardá ? 

Amazon Dance Company

Trace in Loss (restage)

Northwest Dance Project/ EUA 



Terminal A2 

Cia SESC de Dança - Belo Horizonte

Stage Proof 14/15

Mov_oLA Project 

Scene at 37 

São Paulo City Ballet 





estudos Casardá?

Balé Jovem EDSP 

Kick on Taish too? and Sob Rasura - videodances 

Balé Teatro Castro Alves -  Salvador de Bahia

Desert Dweller

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago 2 






São Paulo City Ballet


Ribeirão Preto Dance Company

Predicativo do Sujeito

Guaíra Ballet Theater 


Mov_oLA Project 






Trace in Loss

Northwest Dance Project/ EUA 

Coup de grace

Mov_oLA Project - finalist 26th International Choreography Competition / Hannover - Germany

Predicativo do Sujeito

Grupo Divinadança/Sao Paulo







Noord Nederlandse Dans / Holland

estudos em Chrom.Aqui

Mov_oLA Project 

Desorientações de Wii e Som

Mov_oLA Project




Paralaxe de Paranóias

Mov_oLA Project





São Paulo City Ballet

Por um momento perdido - videodance

Mov_oLA Project *premio melhor filme festival do minuto






Solo a Dois

Mov_oLA Project 

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